T.P Adhikari & Associates working methodology comprises of a set of interdependent steps, procedures, that allows the team to plan and execute strategies holding concreate result. It also includes performance management to ensure quality of work which is either through motivation or training of staff. The overall methodology related to finance is developed based on;

  • Auditing standards
  • Professional ethics
  • Quality assurance and control

Category representation and the needed procedures are also highlighted. Every team member of T.P Adhikari & Associates, should perform these procedures while carrying out audit or consulting task of either public or private entities.

The measures are highlighted into three board phases such as;

  • Planning of strategy
  • Execution of strategy
  • Conclusion & reporting

Whereas the trials for completion of task is ensured as per;

  • Determination of team competence and skills
  • Ascertainment of engagement terms
  • In depth understanding of entity’s business, nature, objectives, agenda
  • Gaining knowledge on entity internal control and the area of risk of fraud
  • Gather higher level of understanding of accounting system
  • Take account of previous years recommendation and moderation
  • Identify significant provisions, laws & regulations implied on the entity
  • Develop preliminary strategy and perform test of controls
  • Perform substantive testing methods
  • Prepare reports, and identify improvement areas

However, for the local government entities environmental factors affecting it shall be assessed. While examining the compliance portion in accordance to the manual, the team shall also assess its effectiveness of controls as prescribed.

Excellency is our core culture. We consistently exceed expectations allowing us to build and enduring relationship with our employees as well as client. T.P Adhikari & Associates, Chartered Accountants recognize the fortunate, we are to have with the available resources to maintain our thriving practice and provide an excellent quality of life to our employees.  We do take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and actively look forward to improvising the existing culture. We are united by our core values of excellence, relationships, trust, passion and stability.

We all are unique, as T.P Adhikari has created culture to embrace its employees’ backgrounds, interest, strength, and differences. We make our workplace environment collaborative and supportive. We believe diversity pulls in greater outcome; therefore, we involve our clients in training programs and workshops in every level.

T.P Adhikari & Associates is further committed in adhering highest ethical standards of corporate governance. We are keen to recognize the good governance, as it is pivotal in helping business deliver strategy’s whilst meeting obligations towards stakeholders.

We frame our methodology in within well-defined governance structure and ember practice and principle in the organization which has been developed upon the four cornerstones of integrity, accountability, fairness and transparency.

The established governance structure provides comprehensive framework to

  • Incline accountability to stakeholders.
  • Accurate and timely disclosure of material matters.
  • Fairly deal with board members and other stakes.
  • Maintain highest professionalism and ethics

We work to promote and progress finance in the national communities. We are always looking forward for new techniques and methods to reinforce the stated commitment and be a responsible leader. As a practicing firm, we are pretty much aware of the vital role we play in supporting sustainable development of financial market.