“We are a progressive thinking accounting firm in Nepal”

TP Adhikari & Associates is Nepal’s leading Chartered Accountants established by Thakur Prasad Adhikari in 2012 A.D. .

TP Adhikari & Associates (TPAA) is a proprietorship firm registered with the ICAN, Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Inland Revenue Department. TPAA is a member of Prime Global. It is an award-winning association of independent accounting firms, comprised of approximately 300 highly successful independent public accounting firms in over 90 countries. Prime Global’s independent member firms house a combined total of over 2,100 partners and 24,000 employees.

We provide industry focused services for clients including public entities, private entities and international organizations in order to build public trust and enhance value through the application of our committed approach and methodology. Our service approach is to fully understand the client’s business from grass root level, analyzing the risk associated with and developing methodology to provide a set of quality and complete solutions.

A dedicated team of professionals specializing in different areas is the key to our success. TP Adhikari & Associates, has a mission to establish a professionally close contact with clients. The clients are constantly kept abreast of the rapidly changing business environment through counseling, circulars and memos all the year around. Our business clients vary in size from the newly established companies to dominant market players, private and public concerns.

TP Adhikari & Associates deploys a team with extensive experience in the fields of Research, Trainings, Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Risk Analysis, Investigation, Business and Financial Consultation, Organization Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Survey. The firm is being privileged with best strengths of service sector organization where People, Process & Technology become an integral part of support system to offer a wide range of services.

Our company culture is a powerful binding force which is founded on the following values.


We are trustworthy and opens to every prudence judgment, suggestion and straight forward in our works and relationships.


We would never reveal clients’ information and details to unrelated people or agencies. It is about our reputation and professional ethics to protect the right of our clients’ privacy.


We would like to understand our clients’ needs and take it as our own issues to working hard to fulfill all the requirements.


We treat everyone as equal, understand everyone’s responsibility using individual’s strength with our strong corporate values.


We work as a team, respecting each other, taking other problems as our own and having strong commitment of teamwork, dedicate to satisfy our clients’ needs with efficiency.

All this shapes our work attitudes, performance and relationships. It is deep rooted in the humanity where individuality is respected with diversity (caste, religion, gender or ethnicity) dignity and respectful workplace. This is reflected in the composition of our staff members where Hindu-23, Cristian-8, Buddhists-5, Muslims-2. In terms of gender equality (Male – 24, Female 14). Efforts are being made of recruit more female staff in future.

Health and safety measures are the greater concern for us especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Awareness and virtual online psychosocial counselling have been provided to all staff during lock down. Work from home practice and COVID-19 Protocol have been strictly established, followed and maintained in the office and at homes. Point of contact is established in case of COVID-19 infections. TPAA also followed same protocol with its clients and in communities.

TPAA get engaged with local community every year in sanitation campaign, tree plantation, managing stray dogs, and supplying clean drinking water etc. This year, due to COVID-19, we are engaged in awareness raising campaign on the use of mask and sanitizers and maintaining social distancing.

Wherever possible, TPAA will try its best to adhere to the points indicated in the “Procurement Policy Note – Taking Account of Social Value in the Award of Central Government Contracts Action Note PPN 06/20” to create a more safeguard business and social activities even during this Study implementation process.

Our Testimonials

“T.P Adhikari & Associates has provided an extremely professional, efficient and competent assistance as a consultant. They managed our year long piled on accounting and taxation matters. The staffs assigned to us were friendly and easy to work with. While they quickly responded to every of queries in a realistic manner. “

Rajkumar Pudasaini

Rajkumar PudasainiManager - Code for Care Innovation


Major Views
  • To be a highly reputed professional firm.
  • To add more relevancy and quality in the services.
  • To work for the best interest of the clients.
  • To deliver higher value of money.
  • To increase staff strengths and promote teamwork.
  • To always strive for improvised quality of service.
  • To become a dynamic firm in the related areas of professional service.


Our Aims
  • To help client achieve financial success with effective solutions.
  • To provide balanced & customized solutions, by analyzing requirement.
  • To develop integrated policy to provide customized service.
  • To follow professional ethics and maintain.
  • To expand the service in international platforms.
  • To improvise methodology and approach for identification of issues/ risk.
  • To embrace technology in the scalable process.


We have grown steadily to become an independent accounting practice with valued experience. In recognition of the growing complexities of business life, we have framed a specialist structure to cater individual service. Applying individual focus to our expertise, we collaborate with our clients to help their business grow over the long-term whilst by aligning to the financial objectives.

With a focus on sustainable approach, T.P Adhikari & Associates have expanded to provide an array of services to our clients. Our commitment to sustainability, collaboration, and innovation spans across every projects and disciplines. Including experienced team members augment worth in the integrated process brining out cost-effective solutions.

We are keen on capturing value throughout the project cycle. Budget, scope, schedule is a truckload of responsibility, therefore, a well-defined project plan and structured project management approach is vital for a successful build. The process followed by us delivers success by removing out issues which can derail the well framed plans.

The foundation of our approach is established in a customized form which seamlessly integrates the financial module, internal & statutory policies, and accounting standards. Through rigorous controls and management, we make sure our clients are fully informed and prepared to make optimal decisions. We make sure to identify the risk factor and eventually pull out risk from the equation of scope, budget and schedule.

At T.P Adhikari, our guiding principle is to seek ways to improve safety and function. Harnessing the power of latest tools, and technology tools it allows us to deliver innovative approaches which can either turn to a big opportunity associated to big challenges.

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